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As I was reading through my RSS feeds yesterday, trying to figure out what to write about, it occurred to me that I could share some of my favorites with you.  Them came the dilemma of what to share?  My favorite blog? website? services, tech resources? ways to procrastinate? So I have decided to create an occasional series I am calling (with great originality) “Some of my Favorite…” I know, it makes you wonder where I get my amazing originality from.

Anyhoo, I decided to skip the traditional build-up and just start with my absolute favorite website. This is the one website that I would want want access to if I were stuck on a deserted island. Assuming of course, that this deserted island had wifi and I had some kind of wifi enabled device. This is the one website I would need and miss most if an apocalypse took away internet access (apparently in my world wifi is highly situational). My favorite website of all is Lifehacker.   I was looking through the lists of online articles and notes I have made to myself and impressed by how many came from Lifehacker.   Oh, Lifehacker, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Lifehacker is a site about…pretty much everything.  Perfect for someone like me who has diverse and wide-ranging interests. Lifehacker offers ways to fix everyday annoyances and is a one-stop-shopping resource for ideas and solutions for almost every problem you can imagine.  Lifehacker is amalgam of tips and tricks on topics as far ranging as the best apps, to ways to psych yourself out to lists of their readers’ collective wisdom.  They also provide some more in-depth resources through their Lifehacker Night School where you can learn more everything from photography to programming to web design.  There is also Lifehacker U, which is a compendium of free online courses available via the web. Not quite what you can get from MIT, but a great resource nonetheless.

Go ahead, check it out and let me know what you like best (or least) about Lifehacker.

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