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And the Beat Goes On

My walking is continuing apace. This weekend I walked myself into 300+ miles territory. In theory, that means I get to choose some kind of reward purchased from someplace 300 miles away from Portl1and. That puts me somewhere in northern California to the south and in British Columbia to the north. The problem is that I am not much of a shopper. I have no desire to locate a store 300 miles from Portland to buy some thing that will just clutter up my house. That is also the reason that I still haven’t gotten myself my 200 mile reward.

However, I have a plan. David and I are heading to Boise, ID for a wedding in mid-August. That is 343 miles (as the crow flies, its closer to 429 miles by car) from Portland. So my new mini-goal is to hit 343 before we leave Boise. That means I get to wander the local shops and purchase my 300 mile reward there. And, if I find something a little extra nice, I can always wrap my 200 mile reward into that purchase.

I took my longest walk to-date this weekend when I walked to the Eastbank Esplanade, crossed the river on the Steele Bridge, back to the Hawthorne Bridge through Waterfront Park and then home. That came to just a hair under 7 miles. Seven miles is not that extraordinary, since I did a couple of 10 mile days in Lake Placid (although they were split into two 5 mile walks).  However, it is worth noting that I did it the day after a fall that did quite a number on my back. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the last walk that my back was ok with. I walked 4 and a quarter miles both yesterday and today, but my back ached through both of them. I did make a chiropractor’s appointment for this afternoon because that has shortened my recovery time from a couple of weeks to a couple of days in the past.

And while walking is important and all, it’s not as important to me as that fact that I am heading to my niecelettes and Camp Eva on Thursday. Although we have all been trying to discourage my niecelettes from using me as a jungle gym (although to be fair my brother and David both tend to enforce that more than I do), I think this time I am going to have to really mean it. Even assuming that I can get my back where it should be by Thursday, it will still be pretty fragile. Especially once you throw a couple of flights cross country into the mix.

So here’s hoping today’s appointment gets me back in ship shape and I manage not to re-injure myself any time in the near future.


Achievement Unlocked: Mt. Tabor

Today I finally the opportunity to test out the leg muscles I had built with all of the uphill walking in Lake Placid. My goal had been to just go to the upper reservoir in Mt. Tabor Park, but I was fedownloadeling inspired, so I found myself continuing up to the peak where the Harvey Scott statue stands. Roundtrip, it was a 6.2 mile walk, which is a nice increase from my theoretical 3.5-5 miles a day. In reality, I have been hitting 5 miles almost every day this week, so I may need to re-evaluate my daily “average.”

I seem to have accidentally fallen into a habit of spending my walks exploring the parks within about a 2 mile radius from my house. In addition to today’s journey up Mt. Tabor, I also explored Kenilworth and Sewallcrest parks when I walked to Reed yesterday. I even surprised myself by remembering a “secret” back entrance to Kenilworth that I learned about when my friends Beth and Mary were living right off it back in the day (as in, when I was a froshling at Reed). Laurelhurst, Oregon Colonel Sumner parks are already touchpoints in my daily walks. And I hit Creston park in a walk a few weeks, ago. I am also thinking of expanding my list to include the Eastbank Esplanade/Waterfront Park loop and maybe even exploring a bit of the Springwater Corridor.

This morning I even found myself musing about the possibility of doing some of the hilly waterfall trails in the gorge this summer. While they are well worth the walk, they would require that I drive there which would throw off my walking routine. Not to mention the time the drive would add to the whole endeavor. So, while I am not willing to take them off the table, they are not likely to happen in my immediate future. My laziness is most definitely fed by the fact that I have such an amazing park system to explore within a reasonable walk from my house.

In other news, I have been blazing through CodeAcademy‘s Javascript course so I can complete it by the end of today. The deadline was set by a program I applied for that supports women in tech. Their “you have qualified to move on to the next step” email got stuck in my spam filter, so I didn’t get it until this week. I don’t get to move on in the process unless I can prove that I am committed enough to work through an online course in a reasonable amount of time. I am 80% of the way done so I don’t think it will be a problem to finish it on time. The problem is that I am moving through it so quickly that I am retaining very little of it. Oh well, I can always go back to it at a more leisurely pace once I complete the process.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get back to work.

p.s. I added Piccolo Park in my Monday walk.

What a Long Strange Trip Its Been

I am waiting to board the final flight (of a 3-leg trip) home after a week in Lake Placid with family. We were up at 3:45am Eastern and land at 4:30pm Pacific. This means my sense of time is totally discombobulated. I managed to get a little sleep on the first two legs of my flight and have been mainlining caffeine in between at both the Philly and Phoenix airports. The net effect has been semi-functionality on the ground and brain-mush in the air. I actually have managed to get some work done in the Phoenix airport, which may make my recovery day tomorrow a little more manageable. Of course, I somehow scheduled 3 things (including a board meeting in the evening) on my recovery day, but that is kind of par for the course for me.

Speaking of par, one of the things I did on my week off was play golf for the very first time in my life (excluding mini golf, of course). I think I managed to do ok for my first time around. I did lose a couple of balls to water hazards (although the second time around it was somewhat deliberate to satisfy my sister-in-law’s request for a splash), but I mostly managed to keep my balls on the fairway. I am not sure golf is my game, but I would be willing to give it another try some time in the future.

I also walked. A lot. 41.7 miles to be exact. And the last .63 miles of the walk always included a steep hill back to the house. I am happy to say that the hill did get easier as the week went on and has inspired me to try the hill up to the second reservoir in Mt. Tabor park. I have a pretty daunting set of hills to get myself to the lower reservoir, so the upper one always seems too out of reach for me to try. However, I am thinking that I will give it a try at least once before I lose the hill muscles I worked so hard to achieve.

In other news I had a great time with my nieces. The younger one is an early bird like me and is usually the first up in her house. That made for some great early morning conversations when she and I were the only ones awake. There were a few days, however, where I left for my walk before she emerged from her bedroom. Those days we generally tried to sneak some time alone out on the porch while everyone else was doing their own thing.

The older one is at that fascinating stage where she vacillates between being a challenging teenager and a sweet and cuddly little girl. This is one of those times when I get to really appreciate being an aunt. I don’t have to deal with the difficulties of having a teenager day in and day out, but I do get to appreciate watching the process as she slowly turns into a young woman.

As nice as it was to spend a week in the Adirondacks, I am looking forward to getting home and seeing our cats. And sleeping in my own bed.

Morning Reflections

This morning, I was sitting on my couch listening to music while drinking my coffee. This in itself is unusual, as I generally prefer silence before putting on my music and headphones for my daily walk. But something compelled me to break the silence this morning.

I was listening to a station that plays a great mix of the music I listened to as a teen. This is the music that most triggers emotional responses in me. A single song can make me cry or laugh in a way no other music can.

The station was playing a song that I had grown to dislike because it had been overplayed in its heydey. But having not heard it in over a decade I was able to listen to it with fresh ears. And it brought me to tears. Not because the song is sad. It really isn’t. But I cried because it reminded me of my teenage years when, frankly, I took my father for granted.

Suddenly, I wanted more than anything to go back in time and hang out with my father. I wanted to go bike riding or to a museum or even just ride the subway with him. It didn’t matter, I was just really missing his presence. And not in the weakened state of his last few years. I wanted the young, healthy and active version of him that I grew up with. When he was close to the age I am now.  Before life and time took their toll on him.

Usually sadness drains me. But not this time. This time it pushed me out the door to walk off my grief. Which made me wonder if it is my grief that is fueling my daily walks. Because I have no other explanation for how I have gotten myself out of the door every day in June. Or for how I have walked almost 200 miles since April.

No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me

I have turned in a walking fiend. Last week I walked 31 miles and this week to date I have walked 22.5 miles. This week’s total may end up a little lower than last week’d because this morning’s walk was cut short by a downpour. I literally (and I mean this word as it it meant to be used) had to wring out my clothes when I got home.

I am still waiting for that magical energy boost that I am supposed to get from exercising. According to my walking app, I have walked 162 miles since I started this endeavor, and while I am sure it is doing good things for me, it is not leaving me energized at the end of my work day. The irony of all this is that I come up with all sorts of blog posts while walking. But, after a long day of work, there is just nothing left in the tank for writing. And to be completely frank, by the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is spend another minute in front of my laptop screen.

I suppose if I were a good techie, I would want nothing more than to spend my days and nights glued to a screen. But this is where I start to feel really old because I just can’t. My eyes start to cross and my brain starts to dim and I become absolutely useless. Oftentimes, I don’t even have the patience to do anything on my tablet, which is sad because that is where I read most of my news. I am just a paper-oriented girl in an electronic world. I know I am not alone. It is just a part of being a Gen-Xer. Caught between the generations of technology.

This morning, I started contemplating the need for good raingear for walking. I am hesitant to invest in anything right now because I don’t know if this walking habit of mine will last through the fall. I honestly don’t know what it is that is getting me out of bed and driving me out of bed for my daily walk. I assure you that this is not my normal approach to exercise. The hardest part of the walk remains the 6 feet from my couch. I almost always have to displace an adorable, sleeping cat to get myself out the door. But somehow, every day, I manage to pull it off.

My commitment is about to get tested. Next week we head east for a week with my in-laws in Lake Placid. I have already mapped out mental walking routes from the house there, so I am fairly sure I will continue my daily routine while I am there. It is the 2 travel days that are worrying me. Friday we fly to Albany and Saturday morning we drive up to Lake Placid. That’s two days where I am unlikely to get any walking in. Will those two off days be enough to break this habit of mine? Only time will tell.


Things had been going so well…that is…until the powers that be started pushing back.

Last week, I walked everyday and logged over twenty miles. However, my Friday walk was thwarted by a downpour. I didn’t think I was just a fair weather walked because I have walked in drizzles before. But, when the rain started really coming down yesterday, I turned around and went home after only a half mile. I thought about taking a walk in the afternoon, but the sky still looked threatening and my sweatshirt hadn’t fully dried yet. So, I didn’t.

This morning’s walk was thwarted by a toothache. I slept very poorly last night because of that damn tooth and just didn’t have it in me to get up at 6am and get my walk in. I wouldn’t even be up now if it wasn’t for my very insistent alarm clock cat. When he decides it is time for me to get up and give him a lap, he is kind of unrelenting.

But, I am not quite willing to end my 12 day walking streak. I am hoping that I will be up for at least a short walk after a nap. There is a new Saturday evening farmers market a very short distance from my house. What I may do is incentivize a longish walk by letting myself take the long route there. Nothing like a 3 mile detour to a destination that is about a quarter mile from my house. :-). But if it gets me out of the house, I see that as a total win.

Tomorrow I am also thinking of taking a later-than usual walk because it is the annual Laurelhurst garage sale. I figure that is a great excuse to wander through as much of Laurelhurst as I want. It will also keep me from buying too much because anything I purchase I will have to carry home with me on foot. Now that is a win/win.

We are heading to Lake Placid for a week’s vacation with David’s family in early July. I take it as a very good sign that I am already mentally planning my walk routes for while we are there. I am looking forward to a week of not having to displace a cat to get myself out of the door in the morning. However, that is pretty much the only week of the year when I get to see our nieces (David’s brother’s daughters, as opposed to my brother’s daughters, the niecelettes) and one of them is an early riser. I enjoy our early morning talks/games/random activities before her sister wakes up. Maybe I can lure her to join me on one of my walks so I don’t need to choose one over the other.



This and That

Father’s Day was never a particularly big deal in my family, so I didn’t think the first Father’s Day after my father’s passing would be problematic for me. Well, it turns out I was at least partially wrong. I still don’t anticipate the day itself being especially difficult for me. I’m sure I will think about him, but I find myself doing that on a fairly regular basis and mostly it is in ways that make me smile. No, it is the lead up that is making me kind of nuts.

My email box has been deluged with emails reminding me to think of my father this month and to express my appreciation of him by purchasing whatever product they are selling. No, none of these messages are new. They have been filling up my email box for years. I am just finding them newly annoying. I wish there was some sort of registry for those of us who have recently lost a father and don’t need any reminders, thank you very much.

I think the most ridiculous part for me is that it is rare indeed that any of the products being sold would have been a good match for my father anyway. He was not a golfer, nor did he spend his weekend in his garage doing whatever it is men are supposed to do with tools and toolboxes. He was not a big fan of ties and wore them only when absolutely necessary. I think he stopped using aftershave in the early 80′s.

Being a geek myself, I also get the reminders from sellers of geeky products (why yes, I am talking about you ThinkGeek), but somehow these bother me less. My father was somewhat of a geek and never met a pun he didn’t like.  At least some of these emails make me smile when I think about whether he would find the product in question funny or not.  Nevertheless, I could still live without the reminder right now.

Moving away from the ranty part of the show, I thought I would also share an update on my walking adventures. It seems I have been aiming too low with my goals. Last week I walked almost 21 miles and in the last 3 days, I have walked 10 miles. The hardest part of the walk is always the steps to get myself out the door. Once I close the door behind me, I am fine.

This week I have had both my walking buddy and a cat to feed to force me out the door. Next week my walking buddy is going to San Francisco and my cat sitting responsibilities will be over so I will need to serve as my own motivation to take those first few steps. Hopefully, my will will be strong enough to displace my cat and get me to cross my threshold.

Creative Procrastination

Next week I am teaching two workshops on WordPress. I love WordPress and I love teaching WordPress. What I don’t love? Making PowerPoint slides (ok, they are really LibreOffice slides in the way that tissues are Kleenex and photocopies are Xerox copies).  I find the process tedious and boring.  I already have both sessions outlined, so it is just a matter of inserting screenshots, adding some text and doing some formatting. Really not a big deal. Except there are so many more fun things to think about and do.

For example, today I have a meeting about modifying/creating a logo for a project, followed by a trip to Yarn Garden before they close in a couple of weeks and then a massage. That should serve as enough of an incentive to just get the damn slides done so I can move on with the rest of my day. But no. Instead I decided to write a blog post about how I am using a blog post as a procrastination tool.

Its not like I haven’t been meaning to write a new post for several days now. I really do mean to be a more consistent writer, but by the end of my work day my brain is pretty much toast. As much as I am reaping tons of benefits from my new walking regimen, it also brings with it a new kind of exhaustion. I ride the wave of endorphins in the morning to get lots of work done. Then as the euphoria fades, I become more aware of my aching legs and feet. Especially last week when I was walking every day because I was feeding a friend’s cat. My usual routine is to take a rest day between walks. I find I am much more energetic when I give my body a day to recover from what has become a thrice-weekly 4-5 mile walk (although I did have a 6 mile day last week)

I truly miss the days when my body would bounce back immediately from a long hike or walk. My body is older now and needs a little more TLC when I push its limits. But, I am also hoping that maintaining a regular routine (it has been almost a month since I started) will build my endurance to a place where 4-5 miles won’t tax my body as much as it does now.

Anyway, enough procrastination. Back to being a good girl and working on my presentation.


A Mini-Adventure

This morning I woke up convinced it was Friday. Fridays are a relaxed, kick-back kind of day. Fun things happen on Fridays. I think that kind of set the tone for the day so far.

As is my wont, I started my day by reading my RSS feeds. That is when I found out that yet another Portland classic restaurant was closing. Beaterville’s last day is Monday, and that being a holiday, it is as likely to be as mobbed as it will be this weekend. Obviously, that meant that today was an eating out kind of morning. By then I had already realized that it was Thursday because we can’t go out to breakfast this Friday because that is when the monsters (ok, the two that we can pack up) have their annual check-up at the vet.

So a sleepy David and I (guess which one of us is the morning person) headed out to N. Killingsworth for breakfast. Enroute to Beaterville, we passed The Naked Sheep and our post-breakfast plans were set. After all, who are we to pass up a visit to a yarn shop?

Breakfast was, unsurprisingly, delicious. And the yarn shop was a fun browse. I drooled over beautiful, soft, completely knittable yarn. But, remembering the size of our stash, I only bought a knitting book and I replaced my “I knit so I don’t kill people” sticker. Now it is late morning and I am heading out for a massage in about an hour and a half.

This does, of course, mean that I will have to work super efficiently tomorrow to make up for today’s lackadaisical work ethic. But I think it was an overdue break. My days off tend to mostly entail me catching up on my sleep. Which while necessary and enjoyable, are not anything that can be called adventurous.

We live in a wonderful city and sometimes I end up taking it for granted. I tend to avoid walking on Hawthorne or Belmont because of both the car and people traffic. The end result being that I often only know of a new restaurant/yarn store/donut shop opening because I have read about it somewhere. And not being much of a shopper (yarn and food being the two obvious exceptions), I don’t window shop. And being that I remain in a purge mode, I have no desire to purchase anything that isn’t consumable.

Days like today will continue to be the exception, rather than the rule, of how I spend my leisure time. But it is still nice to take an atypical day off from time to time. It keeps life interesting.

Today I achieved an important milestone

I know I have been unreasonably quiet for a while. I did accomplish my goal of being home for the entire month of March, which was awesome. Followed shortly thereafter by a 10 day trip back to the east coast for Passover. That came with all of the accompanying jet lag and required catch up and ultimately, my radio silence. But today I did something amazing. Today, I caught up with the last of the work/bills/responsibilities that were overdue because of my missing 3 months. Ok, that’s only mostly true. I still have to sign my taxes so they can get sent into the IRS. But, they are fully prepared and paid for, so I am counting that as done.

I am writing this on a desk that is completely clear of the piles of paper that have been constantly growing for the past few months. The files that need filing are on the stairs waiting to go up to the filing cabinet. Although this is another place where I am kind of cheating. The hard work is done. They are in the files and labeled. They just need to actually go in to the filing cabinet, so I am declaring that good enough. Although, if I were a better person, I would go upstairs, put them in the filing cabinet and delete this aside, but I don’t want to lose my rhythm here. You will just have to trust me that I will go do it as soon as I hit publish on this post.

This does not mean that my plate is empty. I still have my work with AgileBits and my current Tech Whisperer clients to keep me out of trouble. In fact, in about an hour I am going to go meet with a new Tech Whisperer client. What is does mean is that I most likely have enough head space to start writing more regularly again.

It has been months since I did anything more than cursory knitting. The other night I managed to finish a simple washcloth that has literally taken me months to complete. In better times this washcloth would have taken me a day or two at most to knock out.  But I am choosing to take this as a beacon of hope that my crafty mojo will show its face again soon.

I attribute a significant portion of my recent accomplishments to the fact that in the last couple of weeks I have taken up walking 3.5 miles three times a week. Instead of acquiring a dog to force me out of the house on walks, I have started going along on a friend’s dog walks. She keeps me honest and gets me out of the house and together we have just about doubled her normal distance. I have a personal goal of hitting 12 miles a week. I am very close to hitting it this week. Close enough that I am wondering if I need to extend my goal to 15 miles a week so I have something to reach for. But, I think I will wait a couple of weeks just to make sure that 12 miles is sustainable.

In summary, life is good. At least for the moment. Who knows what is lurking around the corner? But whatever comes my way, at least I will be able to face it without a backlog and with a clean desk. So go me!